EzyTile Stone & Ceramic Deck Tiles


With our Ezytile range of slate, sandstone, granite and ceramic interlocking outdoor tiles, you can now enjoy a beautiful outdoor tiled surface in natural stone or ceramic without all the hassle, frustrations and mess of conventional installation methods. Our simple snap-in-place installation totally eliminates messy adhesives, tedious grouting and perhaps most importantly for anyone who has ever laid tiles themselves, the frustration in aligning tiles with consistent height, straight grout lines and even spacing.

EzyTile interlocking tiles simply snap in place, accurately, precisely and securely over practically any hard surface... ready to enjoy in a matter of hours, not days.

And for larger spaces and commercial applications, take a look at our new range of porcelain pavers exclusively imported from Italy by us, at www.handytile.com. These large size 2'x 2' structural pavers can be installed not only directly on sand or gravel, but also on adjustable pedestals to create perfectly level rooftop decks.

ezytile deck tiles

EzyTile Slate 'Copper Jade' tiles


EzyTile stone and ceramic deck tiles can be laid on most solid surfaces such as concrete or existing wood decks, provided the surface is as smooth and even as possible so the tiles don’t “rock”.  But other than that, unless you need to cut the tiles to fit around posts or pipes or to fit precisely within a specific shaped area, the only equipment you’ll need is a tape measure (and a pair of sturdy work gloves).

The EzyTile range is available in the following materials. Click on the 'View Product' button to see specifications, installation guidelines, and photos of completed projects for each product.



slate deck tile

Slate Tiles

In both ultra modern and more traditional settings, the texture, luster and classic colors of natural slate never fails to impress, whether it’s the more rustic look of Copper Jade, the soft and graceful Sea Green or the bold but distinguished Graphite Grey.

granite deck tile

Granite Tiles

Granite has long been the paving of choice for upscale plazas and forecourts of commercial buildings. And for good reason. Its classic good looks, durability, and wear resistance are unmatched by most other paving materials. 

ceramic deck tile

Ceramic Tiles

With a fine top layer of silica sand for superior slip resistance, EzyTile ceramic tiles make an ideal flooring for three season porches, exposed exterior patios, or balconies and rooftops, provided the sub-surface is smooth and level.

pebble and mosaic tiles

Pebble & Mosaic Tiles

Pebble and mosaic tiles can be used either on their own or combined with our other tiles to create attractive feature panels or infill areas.  As with all tiles in the EzyTile range, no adhesive is required and no grout is used between the tiles or the pebbles themselves.