Wood Look Porcelain Planks

Wood look porcelain planks for building elevated decks

Looking for non combustible deck material that looks like wood? DeckWay porcelain planks offer an ideal fire resistant alternative to natural wood planks for the construction of raised decks, rooftop decks and terraces.

The 8’ long x 12” wide porcelain planks closely resemble the look of wood, but avoid all the pifalls of wood decking. They won’t burn, fade, twist, warp, decay, splinter, nor require ongoing oiling or staining to keep them in sound condition.  And since porcelain is almost entirely non- porous, they won’t stain, suffer mold or mildew, or quickly lose their elegant appearance.

This unique and innovative decking system, available exclusively from Architrex, requires far fewer components, less manpower and installation time than constructing a traditional wood deck.

DeckWay Components

The DeckWay system consists of 94″ x 12″ porcelain planks placed over a parallel grid of 8′ long hollow steel beams supported by Eterno pedestals supports. The steel beam grid reduces the number of pedestals required to support the planks and guarantees a strong, stable support under the porcelain planks.

Irrespective of the slope or unevenness of the substrate, the adjustable height pedestals ensure the support structure is perfectly level. The 8’ long porcelain planks are laid directly over the beams, with each plank sitting on rubber surfaced pedestal caps which contain inbuilt spacer tabs. The caps slide along the beams to precisely position the planks. Any movement is prevented  due to the weight of the planks (53 lb.) and their tight spacing against the spacer tabs, so no additional fixing devices are required.

Why Use DeckWay?

The DeckWay system captures the classic beauty of a natural wood plank deck better than any other simulated wood decking products currently available. It is the ideal solution for rooftop decks and terraces, exterior paving and landscaping projects or wherever a natural “wood plank” appearance is preferred, but where non-combustibility, low maintenance, stain resistance and wear resistance are also essential requirements.
Consider these reasons for using DeckWay:

  • Non-combustible wood alternative where strict fire codes exist
  • Lower installation cost than conventional wood decks
  • No ‘permanent’ support structures, no drilling or nailing
  • No splintering, cracking, twisting or warping
  • No decay by weather or insects
  • No fading or color change over time
  • Slip resistant and quick draining
  • Max. 8’ long components simplify delivery to rooftops
  • No regular re-staining, power washing or mold removal
  • Exceptionally low maintenance
  • Easily installs over rooftop pipes, conduit and service ducts
  • Provides easy access to inspect or repair service pipes and ducts

Color and Style Options

DeckWay 94″ x 12″ porcelain planks are currently available in three simulated wood color options.




We also supply 24″ x 24″ size porcelain pavers with a wood look in four colors. These pavers can also be used for elevated decks using a pedestal system but do not need the steel grid for support . Instead they are laid directly on the top of the pedestals, supported on each corner of the paver only. For more more details, please go to our man website www.architrex.com.

How to Specify and Order DeckWay

The DeckWay system is supplied as a complete set of modular components – 94” x 12” (nom.) porcelain planks, 94 ½” long hollow, galvanized steel beams, Eterno ‘Maxi’ adjustable height pedestals and pedestal head caps. No other components or fixing devices are required. Steel beams are supplied pre-cut to 94 ½” which is the exact width of 8 porcelain planks. Only at the perimeter of the area to be covered, would any steel beams normally need to be cut.

Plank size: 94 ¼” x 11 11/16” (2395mm x 297mm)
Plank thickness: ¾” (18mm)
Plank weight: 67lb ea. (30.6kg)
Steel beam dimensions: 2 3/8” x 11/16” x 94 ½” (2400mm)

For the purposes of estimating and ordering, the following should be used as a guide for calculating the requirements of each component, based on the area to be covered.

Porcelain planks: 7.75 sq.ft. per plank (including spacers)
Steel beams:  7’ per 10 sq.ft. (each beam 94 ½” long)
Pedestal head caps: 5.5 pcs. per 10 sq.ft.
Pedestals: 3.25 pedestals per 10 sq.ft. (pedestal height depends on site requirements)


Details on how to install the DeckWay system  can be seen on this page.

laying out support pedestals

Laying out pedestals

installing porcelain planks

Installing planks

finished porcelain tile deck

Finished deck

Or watch the video below:


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