About Deck Tiles


Interlocking deck tiles are squares of precision cut materials (wood, stone, ceramic or composite wood) securely attached to a plastic grid base by either screws or adhesives.

Inbuilt tabs on all four sides of the base enable the tiles to be quickly and easily clipped together over practically any hard surface, creating a continuous "floating" tiled surface. The tiles are not screwed, nailed, or bonded to the surface in any way, so installation requires minimal surface preparation, effort or time.  The weight of the tiles and friction between the plastic base and the surface they are laid on prevents the tiles from moving, except of course in extreme wind conditions such as hurricanes or tornados.

wood deck tile top view

Top view of wood deck tile

wood deck tile base view

Underside of wood deck tile

The open mesh base enables water to drain away freely under the tiles and provides good air circulation around the tiles, helping to prevent mold or mildew in damp and dark locations.  With the SwiftDeck wood tile range, it also serves to raise the wood slats off the surface, minimizing cupping or twisting that can sometimes occur if wood is allowed to remain in contact with water for lengthy periods.


Tile Options

SwiftDeck wood decking tiles are manufactured from high durability, hard wearing hardwood species with four wood slats on each tile.    Corrosion resistant screws attach the wood slats to the plastic grid from the underside, providing a smooth, splinter free surface, free from nail or screw heads.


EzyTile deck tiles combine the beauty and durability of natural granite, slate sandstone and ceramic with the ease and simplicity of interlocking clip together tiles. Natural stone or ceramic is bonded to a plastic grid base with a special adhesive.  No adhesives or grouting is required for installation as the tiles are simply locked in position with the inbuilt tabs on the integral plastic base.  The interlocking tile base also ensures perfect positioning, precise tile spacing and accurate alignment, without the fuss or frustration of conventional tile installation.


ResiDeck wood composite deck tiles are similar to SwiftDeck deck tiles except they use slats of wood composite material instead of natural hardwood.  Composite wood is generally regarded as a low maintenance alternative to natural wood and is fade resistant, insect resistant, rot resistant and splinter free.


The Kronos porcelain paver range includes larger format 2’ x 2’ interlocking porcelain pavers, ideally suited for covering larger residential projects as well as commercial spaces. These pavers are available in a range of styles/colors including Teknowood™, a high tech simulated wood surface as well as textured imitation stone finishes.

The Kronos paver range also includes non-interlocking 2' x 2' porcelain stoneware pavers, primarily designed for installation on adjustable height pedestals in construction of elevated decks, but can also be used for on-grade applications.


Our structural Ipe tiles are larger format solid wood, non-interlocking tiles designed specifically for use with adjustable height pedestals.   Ipe wood slats are attached to solid wood bearers using stainless steel screws, making the tiles sufficiently strong for mounting on pedestal systems.  The tiles can also be laid directly over concrete, using low cost fixed height pedestals 1/2" to 1" high, to lift the wood base off the concrete and permit good drainage under the tiles.